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We are proud to announce that the Silver Lake Strikers softball program will definitely continue for the 2013 season at the 12U, 14U and 16U levels!!

The Silver Lake Strikers is a Fastpitch Softball Club Team for girls from the towns of Kingston, Halifax and Plympton (Silver Lake Region). The team was started in 2010 at the 14U level.  In 2012, we added a 12U division and in 2013, we will have teams at the 12U, 14U and 16U levels!

The Primary Goal for the Strikers is to improve the softball programs in Kingston, Halifax and Plympton.  A benefit of strengthening these programs is that it will also help improve the Silver Lake High School program.

The Silver Lake Strikers Team:

  • Provides a competitive alternative to traditional ‘club’ teams and encourages players to stay with Kingston/Halifax programs where they can play softball with their FRIENDS! (Unlike other "club" teams, the Strikers is designed AROUND town softball, so there will NOT be any conflicts!)
  • Offers an inexpensive club-team environment with reasonable expectations and commitment levels.
  • Provides a minimum of 2 hrs/week of off-season workouts.  Practices are split into 3 areas (conditioning/agility; hitting; and fielding).  Focus is on repetition and mastery of basic skills as well as advanced skills and strategy. 
  • Strives to accept ALL girls who would like to participate in the training program!  Additionally, we hold tryouts and select “Tournament Teams” to participate in fall and/or spring tournaments.

The Silver Lake Strikers team was developed based on feedback we received and experiences several coach/parents had with the "Club" Softball scene. 

Club Softball is not for everyone due to the significant expense, high level of commitment, the amount of travel and often the uncertainty of the coaching staff.  But several of our girls have tried it because they wanted a way that they could continue to work to improve their basic softball skills and learn some of the more advanced techniques and strategies of the game.

So, we took the best features of Club Softball:
  • Off-season workouts
  • Repetition
  • Experience
  • Agility and aerobic training
  • Competition
But we left out the least desirable features :
  • Multiple / mandatory practices every week year round.
  • Spending $2,000+ a year including registration fees, equipment, spirit-wear, tournament/league fees and travel expenses.
  • 10+ tournaments a year, leaving very few weekends open and often conflicting with Town Softball tournaments

And we created the Strikers Softball team!  We charge $250* per year to participate on the team.  (We may seek sponsorship and may do some additional fundraising.)  We practice at least 2 hrs per week between November and March.  Additionally, we select a "Travel Team" of 12 of the girls to participate in  4 local Spring tournaments.  The fee for the "Travel Team" is $500* per year.  The enthusiastic and experienced coaching staff enjoys working with the girls and do so on a voluntary basis.  We are approachable and realistic about the team. 

So, if you are interested in raising your game this off-season, please take a close look at the Strikers!!  

For information on the specific teams, visit our TEAM web pages.

* These are last years' fees.  We don't anticipate an increase, but we must budget to cover our anticipated expenses.